Android GSI image no audio/sound over HDMI on NVIDIA SHIELD ANDROID TV 2019 9.0.0 (Android R)

Hi experts,
I’ve flashed “NVIDIA SHIELD ANDROID TV 2019 Pro Developer Only OS Image 9.0.0 2022/02/09” downloaded from “developer nvidia com gameworksdownload”
Device boots normally and play sounds over HDMI, then I’ve flashed system partition (system.img) by official GSI image with Android R - Branch Grid?
Device boots and everything seems to work apart of sound. Audio works only when connect bluetooth headset.
Tested also on image I build on my own (AOSP repo, branch android11-gsi) but result is same - no audio.
Tested with couple of TV sets - modern and oldder.
Is there anything specific to NVidia to enable audio on Android R? Previous developer image 8.2.3 works perfect.