Aneurysm do not work


With a version update, the aneurysm module stopped working.
problem.txt (14.7 KB)

In the old version everything was fine, but to guarantee I will load the module with the installation that I use in google colab

!pip3 install matplotlib transforms3d future typing numpy quadpy\
 numpy-stl==2.11.2 h5py sympy==1.5.1 termcolor\
 psutil symengine==0.6.1 numba Cython chaospy
!pip3 install -U
!pip install tensorflow-gpu==1.15
!python -m pip install horovod==0.21.0

fold_path = 'gdrive/MyDrive/simnet'
%cd {fold_path}

!tar -xvzf ./SimNet_source_v21.06.tar.gz
%cd ./SimNet/
!python install
%cd ..

%env LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/content/gdrive/My Drive/simnet/SimNet/

%cd ./SimNet/external/pysdf/
!python install
%cd ../../..

!tar -xvzf ./SimNet_examples_v21.06.tar.gz

Hello, can you send your driver version? In this version we had to upgrade the optix version and because of this it needs a driver update to 465. That might be your issue.