AOV (Render Product) Frames Mismatch


Found a weird bug (?): Rendering with AOVs (Render Product) produces “incorrect” frames - frames with Render Product OFF are diffrently timed than with it ON. As such this makes it impossible to composite AOV render with a tracked camera as the frames mismatch. AOV render result finishes one frame earlier - incorrect. Render without AOV is correct and matches the tracked camera. Is there a way to fix this?

Tried with 24 FPS or 25 FPS - same result
Motion Blur On/ Off - same result
All frames rendered in EXR, HDR output, Alpha on
Version of Create: 2022.3.1

Steps to reproduce:
Render animation without AOV Render Product .
Render same animation with AOV Render Product on.

Hello @kgr! Thanks for reporting this. Let me send this over to the dev team to take a look at.

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A development ticket was created from this post. OM-80258: AOV (Render Product) Frames Mismatch