Can't setup render product

Hi all,
I want to render in .exr format with all the AOVs.
I go Create → AOV and it create the Render group in the stage.
When I select “Use render product to capture” it doesn’t allow me to modify its name. The only option is “RenderProduct_omni_kit_widget_viewport_ViewportTexture_0”.

As a workaround I tried to rename the RenderView node to “RenderProduct_omni_kit_widget_viewport_ViewportTexture_0” to match it, but it always gives me additional digit after 0 at the end.

Does anybody else has this issue?
I am on version 2022.3.0

Hello @karol.osinski! I’ve shared your post with the dev team for further assistance.

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Thank you Wendy!

Hello @karol.osinski
You might have created the product after having opened the Movie Capture extension. There is a refresh bug. If you close it and reopen it, it will be listed in the dropdown.
The one you are seeing currently is the one created for the viewport (you could see it in the Session Layer in the Layers if you unhide session layer).
The one you create in the stage will be a separate one listed in the dropdown.

We’ll fix the refresh issue. Thanks as always!

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Hi @PhilippeR ! Thanks a lot! It works!
Sorry, is there any way to set the .exr to be saved as an unique file instead of having all the AOV separated?

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It is currently not possible to save them in a multi-layered .exr but will be in the future, likely next year.


Great to hear it, thanks @PhilippeR :)