Are there any potential risks to upgrafe jetpack from 4.x to 5.x?

Hey there,
im new to jetson and im using jetson agx xavier developer kit with jetpack 4.
But i need Ubuntu 20.04 and would like to upgrade to Jetpack 5.
I read about people having issues with Jetpack 5 on other Jetson, but im not sure if this is true or still the case.
So is upgrading a jetson agx xavier developer kit to Jetpack 5.x completely safe?

I would recommend not upgrading unless absolutely necessary. Jetpack 5.x is relatively new, and some of the features might not work properly, and you may need to do some extra work (modify kernel parameters and so on) to enable certain features.

Therefore, I would say don’t upgrade unless absolutely necessary.

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ok thank you. do you know some specific problems with 5.x right now?

It attempts to boot using Ethernet when cable is connected, and hangs there. Only workaround I have found so far is to remove the ethernet cable before booting, and connect cable later.

Also, I could not find any /etc/network/interfaces file to set static ethernet IP.

Also, rootfs redundancy contains bug is Jetpack 5.x:

These are the ones that I know.

EDIT: These issues might be something wrong at my end, and not in Jetpack 5.x. But still, I personally wouldn’t recommend upgrading to 5.x unless absolutely necessary.

ok good to know. maybe i try it and switch back to 4.x when problems get to heavy. Should work i guess
My Problem is that Ubuntu 20.04 or higher is very important for me.
Or does anybody know an alternative approach

Have any customized drivers developed on JetPack 4.x?
If there is also no specific feature requirement than Ubuntu 20.04, then just upgrade it to JetPack 5.x.

The camera sensors are not stable on Jetpack 5.x.

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