Jetson AGX Xavier low disk Space error

Hi ,
I just upgraded my jetpack from v4.6.1 to v5.0.2.
I uninstalled v4.6.1 first and then installed v5.0.2.

After that I was installing BSP for my camera interface board.
But while installing, agx throw me low disk space error and installation stopped.

When I checked the status of my jetson agx disk, below are the findings:

jayben@jayben-desktop:~$ df -h
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/mmcblk0p1 28G 27G 0 100% /
none 16G 0 16G 0% /dev
tmpfs 16G 36K 16G 1% /dev/shm
tmpfs 3.1G 27M 3.1G 1% /run
tmpfs 5.0M 4.0K 5.0M 1% /run/lock
tmpfs 16G 0 16G 0% /sys/fs/cgroup
/dev/mmcblk0p40 63M 75K 63M 1% /opt/nvidia/esp
tmpfs 3.1G 24K 3.1G 1% /run/user/124
tmpfs 3.1G 36K 3.1G 1% /run/user/1000

Is jetpack consume that much of space? I am wonder how entire memory got consumed?
Can anyone suggest what to do in this case?
I believe, when we uninstall Jetpack, agx go into factory reset mode. Is that correct?

I did jetpack installation multiple times. Can it be a cause?
Do memory cleaned up once we uninstall jetpack?

Do I need to install additional memory to tackle it?

If you want upgrade from R32(jp4) to R35(jp5), you don’t need to uninstall the old one.
Just follow the instruction here to upgrade through apt.

It looks like the eMMC of your board has been full (27G/28G).
I’m not sure what you have done on this board.
At this moment, I would suggest you to re-flash the board directly with clean JetPack5.0.2 through SDKM if you are using the devkit.

Hi @KevinFFF ,

If I uninstall jetpack from sdkmanager, will all acquired disk (27gb) will get free?

Is there any procedure to flush (delete everything thing to factory reset state) memory ?

I think there would be some dependencies still in the board.
So, I suggest you to re-flash the board.

Are you using the devkit or custom board?
You could use either or SDKM to re-flash the board.

@KevinFFF : m using Agx Xavier development kit.

Thats interesting… I just know to flash target device using sdkmanager. I was not aware of “”.

Can I use “” approach on my development kit?

Yes, please follow this instruction.
In brief, the command should be as follow for your Xavier devkit
$ sudo ./ jetson-agx-xavier-devkit mmcblk0p1

Hi @KevinFFF ,

I finished installing jetpack v5.0.2.
I used sdkmanager to install it for now.
What I realised that the jetpack 5.0.2 utilities alot of disk storage. I installed full jetpack 5.0.2 and below is the disk consumption.

As m not left with enough disk space, best would be to install additional memory.
I have got a NVMe SSD. Perhaps all remaining installation should go on additional disk space.

Disk usage of 5.6GB is expected after installing Jetson Linux.

If you want more memory with an NVMe SSD, please refer to the following instructions to use it as rootfs.
Flashing Support — Flasing to an NVMe Drive

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