Are these features needed when asking for customised board

I am preparing a list of all features that are needed for asking for a carrier board. I am referring to the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit Carrier Board Specification. I am unsure what do the following ports/features serve ? Can I remove them in their respective cases (as listed below)?

  1. Display
    • HDMI™ Type A connector
    • 2x VESA® DisplayPort™ (DP) routed to Type C connectors

I am planning to get a single display. Is the 2x VESA® DisplayPort required when I just wanna go with a HDMI ?

  1. Camera Expansion Header
    • 120-pin (2x60) Board-Board
    • CSI: 6, x2 – 8, x4 (D-PHY or C-PHY)
    • Camera CLK, I2C and Control

I am going to use USB for the cameras so I can I remove all these headers ? Especially the last one ?

  1. M.2 Key E Connector
    • PCIe x1 Lane, USB 2.0
    • I2S, UART, I2C, Control
    NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit Carrier Board SP-09778-001_v2.1 | 3


M.2 Key M Connector
• PCIe x4 Lane, Control

I have asked the OEM to increase the number of USB ports; I suppose that they will use the PCIe-to-USB expansion card. Also as its their decision, can I just remove both these M.2 connectors ?

  1. Expansion Header
    • 40-pin (2x20) header
    • I2C, SPI, UART, I2S, CAN, D-MIC

I am going to need CAN as well as UART for the end-product. What are the ways that I ask for only both of these ?

  1. Debug
    • JTAG Connector (2x5-pin header)

Is it needed in the carrier board ?

  1. Miscellaneous
    • Fan Connector: 5V, PWM and Tach

How is PWM defined here ? Where are the pins ?

  1. Power
    • DC Jack: 9V to 20V (19V Adapter included)
    • Main 5V Supply: NCP81239
    • Main 3.3V Supply: TPS53015
    • Main 1.8V Buck Supply: APW7307
    • USB VBUS Load Switches: RT9715 and APL3511
    • 12V Buck-Boost (PCIe): NCP81239
    • Load Switches/LDOs (SD/HDMI/Display/Camera)

Are all of these needed ?


1.DP to Type C connectors isn’t required.
2.All of them can be removed if CSI camera isn’t needed.
3.Those connector can be removed, There are 4 USB2.0 ports and USB0 should be reserved for recovery mode usage.
4.Reserve CAN and UART works
5.JTAG is not needed. reserve test point on board works.
6.This is for fan control
7.DC Jack, Main 5V, 3.3v,1.8v are needed, The others depend on your design.
For a minimum system, The module could boot up with SYS_VIN_HV(9-20V), SYS_VIN_MV(5V) ,VCC_RTC(3.3V) supplied and reserve PWR_ON, Reset, Recovery pin, USB0 for download, UART3 for logs.

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In point 4, Can you please clarify what “reserve CAN” means ?

In point 5, After the carrier board is developed, is the “reserve test point” of any use ?

In 7, can I have more info on where exactly are the 5V, 3.3v,1.8v needed ? I can’t believe the fact that they may be needed for booting… How can Xavier work on 3.3V ?

Also, is a force recovery option usually needed in production product ?

I saw you said CAN is needed. i meant you could have CAN and UART.
Jtag test point can be used for rework JTAG connection if it is needed in future. The JTAG connector can be saved.
Some pins need 1.8v or 3.3v pull up. And most devices on carrier board require 1.8v/3.3v general power rails. 5V is must for module PMIC.
Yes, force recovery option is usually needed in production product.

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Thanks @edli1983
Why are there UART and I2C mentioned in both

  • M.2 Key E Connector , as well as
  • Expansion Header

Xavier have several UART and I2C controllers, The signals are connected to different controller.

I am going to use the PCIe to expand USB3.0 ports. I see that the card by StarTech uses a four lane (x4), so can I (and should I) get rid of all other lanes (M.2 Key E Connector) except for the M.2 Key M connector ?

Only need to follow the lane mapping table in OEM DG.