Argus Pixel format

In libargus api there is a pixel format named PIXEL_FMT_RAW16.Using it I am able to save the camera data in a raw file.My CSI camera outputs 10 bit image data with sensor mode 0(Resolution:2592x1544).So while trying to display the raw file in an openCV window I am getting a corrupted image.Can I know how to render a clean image using the raw file using OpenCV on my window.Kindly assist.

You need implement debayer for raw image. Why just get YUV from argus?

I can get the YUV image but the RAW image is required by the team for a few image processing operations.Can you elaborate more on the PIXEL_FMT_RAW16 for us to know how the pixels are arranged and also explain how exactly to debayer the RAW image.

Have reference the cudaBayerDemosaic in MMAPI sample code.