Artifacts in generated images | Windows Version of Isaac Sim

I’ve been getting some weird artifacts in color images when generating training data with the Windows version of Isaac Sim.

The example image is from the Pose Estimation Data Generation Example, but the same has happend on other occations, mainly when generating data via the GUI. I want to emphasize that these artifacts have only occoured when running the Windows version of Isaac, Linux version seems to be fine. Has someone experienced the same before or maybe has a fix for this problem?

Isaac Sim version: 2022.1.0-release.2
Kit SDK version: 103.1
Client Library version: 1.17.5
OS: Windows 10 Enterprise

Hi there, this is a known windows issue where images that are not of power of 2 are not rendered correctly. Running the script with the --vulkan flag should solve the issue.

Hi, the script has been run with the --vulcan flag as shown in the referenced example documentation:

However, the artifacts in the generated images are still there.

Hi, thanks for the update. Could you check what happens if you change the resolution to 512x512 ?

The result appears to be fine, I’ve set the rendering parameters and camera intrinsics to 512x512.

This problem is also fixed in the 2022.1.1 version of Isaac Sim.

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