Auto-login Jetson Xavier to the GUI Display

As shown in the attached image, I get this screen when I boot the jetson with the display connected. I want the display login automatically, I don’t want to have to click on the login button. Thanks!

Login into the GUI first. Go to system setting → brightness & lock and disable the “require my password…” option

These are the options I have from the GUI.

and when I go into users and groups, I already have removed the password requirement, my only issue is that someone have to manually go and click log in, and I don’t want that.

@WayneWWW any ideas?

Sorry for late reply.

I think there is something wrong here. Did you ever change the desktop configuration? Your desktop looks like running with lightdm and LXDE but not the default desktop from jetpack.

And are you sure this is jetson NX?

@WayneWWW Yes this is Jetson NX. I believe I didn’t install the default jetpack desktop yes. Any recommendations on how to fix that?

Please flash the board with sdkamanger and it shall give you the default desktop.

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