Auvidea J120/J140: turn TX2 on with power button not working after shutdown

Hello everybody,

I’m experiencing the very same behavior mentioned here (

In the technical documentation (J140:, J120: it is instead written:

So I’m trying to figure out hot to turn the TX2 on using the power button after I normally switched it off, but without needing to unplug the power supply.
This because my system is powered by the 2S LiPo connected to the J140 (charged with the jack power supply when I’m not using the system) and I cannot unplug it every time I want to turn the TX2 back on.

Do you have any solutions? maybe modifying something in the dtb?
Were you able to do what I want to achieve in any earlier Auvidea firmware release? (I’m currently using the May 2019 version).


I can confirm that the power button on the J120 never worked with Jetpack 3.3 along with the Auvidea firmware 1.6, nor with Jetpack 4.2 along with the Auvidea firmware 2.0 and also not with Jetpack 4.2.2 along with my kernel patches.

Actually it is not an issue for me since my TX2 is deployed in a drone and only powered on by connecting the battery.

I know nothing of that particular carrier board, nor whether or not the dtb is the reason for the issue. If the dtb is not the issue, and instead there is a power stability right at the instant of turning on is the issue, you might try several rapid taps of the “on” button instead of holding it on. If anything resembles an attempt to power up while doing that, then it probably isn’t a device tree issue (or at least not completely a dtb issue).

If nothing at all happens, or if when booted only a few of the features of that board work (e.g., not all of serial console or USB work), then I would tend to think it is either device tree issue or some more serious power delivery issues. Do make sure that if you run from a battery that nothing else runs from the battery, or that the TX2 is isolated through a good quality buck/boost converter. Also, use heavy enough gauge wiring that there isn’t even a tiny voltage drop at power on.

Hi linuxdev,

Thanks for the suggestions.

I tried many different button pressure patterns, plugged and unplugged power supply and hard switched off / reset the board some times and suddenly the power button started working after shutdown even without having to remove the power supply. It seems like magic.
The only thing is that sometimes I have to hold it for some seconds to start booting, some others just pressing it starts the boot. I guess there’s something strange going on in the hardware.
At this point I don’t care much, as long as I can always boot somehow.

Power delivery can be a bit tricky on Jetsons right at the moment of power on. I couldn’t say what is actually going on, but I will guess that probably there is a capacitor or other power delivery component which is at the edge of its tolerance. Typically, the first thing to know would be if it is the development kit power supply or a different supply, and then if the cable is sufficiently low gauge and short enough in length. Even the connector has to be considered since there are actually two inner diameters for all “5.5mm” plugs.