Basic question about configuration for cameras

Hello, I am a beginner in the domain and I would well understand the step to do for configuring cameras with a jetson system. I read different topics on the subject but want to be sure.

I get a Jetson Xavier NX developer kit recently with 8GB of RAM.
I read the Xavier NX allows up to 6 CSI cameras with a 2-lanes configuration. The board doesn’t allow using up to 6 but it is not the topic.

My questions are :

  1. When it comes to change the configuration of the Jetson module, to switch from 4-lanes configuration to 2-lanes configuration, do I need to edit the device-tree ?
  2. Is it possible to read/edit the device-tree file on the jetson directly or only before flash ? (I read this doc)
  3. I can see different camera sensors on the market and some specifies that it uses 2-lanes and other 4-lanes. What would happen if I use one with its sensor driver configured for 4-lanes use, with a 2-lanes configuration ?
  4. If I really need to use only 2-lanes configuration, shoud I modify the sensor driver (designed for 4-lanes configuration) or there is another solution ?
  5. I saw custom boards using different connectors than the usual for CSI (like I-PEX), it allows people to use more than 22pins to get some camera information for instance, how is it possible ? Does the manufacturer has identified the pins and edited the device-tree for this specific connector ?

Thank you for help

hello loupdmer,

Jetson Xavier NX brings fourteen MIPI CSI lanes to the connector. so, six 2-lane camera streams are supported.
you’ll need to check Jetson Xavier NX Product Design Guide please see-also [Figure 9-2. CSI Connection Options] for six 2-lane camera connections,
you must also configure the device tree to reflect the hardware settings.

here’s developer guide, Sensor Software Driver Programming to give you instructions for writing camera driver.
please see-also the Tutorials page, there’s V4L2 Sensor Driver Development Tutorial to dive deep into the steps of writing a complete V4L2 compliant driver.

Thank you very much for the links, it is all I was looking for.

Best regards

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