Batocera Linux on EN51050 with Nvidia GTX 1050 graphics (Pascal Architecture)

Hi, I am running Batocera linux on my Zotac EN51050. It has the GTX1050 video card, on Pascal Architecture. I am trying to figure out what the correct drivers that it should be using for this card are, as I get random graphics card freezes when running it. I have tried the current one 5XX, and the legacy drivers 4XX, but there are a set of older hardware legacy drivers 3XX series that I am trying tonight. Nothing seems to fix this issue, hopefully the 3XX series drivers do.

Any insight or help would be very much appreciated with this. The machine works great for this if I can solve this issue, I do know for a fact it’s the video card causing the freezing. It did not freeze when running Windows, so I think this is just a matter of not getting the correct drivers package.

Thank you,

Please run as root and attach the resulting nvidia-bug-report.log.gz file to your post.