Bimanual cartesian impedance controller approach using isaac sim


My idea is to implement a bimanual cartesian impedance controller to control two robots (ideally two different 7DOF robots but I will start with 2 Frankas or Kuka Iiwa 14 probably) in a box manipulation setup. I’m quite new here, I finished the tutorials and I’ve seen that there is a possibility to create your own controller in the example 4.3.

I dont know which is the best approach for this but, I’m considering to create a single controller for both robots as this controller mechanically attaches both arms with a coupling force, so they move “together”.

The other way I see is to create two separated controllers, for each of the robots but, I dont see how I will be able to use this coupling force to attach the robots.

  • First question is: is possible to implement this kind of controller using Omniverse Isaac Sim?

I’m coming from ROS1 and finally decided to give a try to Omniverse Isaac Sim because in my future I will also be using learning algorithms (and also because I found a problem when using my controller in ros_control with two robots), please let me know if this matters or not. I have done the tutorials and read about issac gym and orbit too, but I’m a bit overwhelmed with the information and I need some help to put some order in my ideas.

Thanks in advance and regards,