Black screen after Logo screen at boot Orin Nano

I just got Jetson Orin Nano.
Download SD Card image from

I can see logo screen and then black screen, cooler not spinning and everything hung.
LED lights stay green, but radiator become hot (cooler not spin)
I can enter only in setup menu when Logo still on the screen.
I flash 2 SD card using 2 different laptops.
Same result.

see pic2 where cooler not spinning:

Please see that it is a warning on the screen: Test Key is used.
I can see the same warning when I enter into Setup screen.

I’m not sure what to do next

Please first try re-flashing with SDK Manager.

This is not any error or warning, so please just ignore it.

Sorry I wanted to just ask a clarifying question, when you say re-flash with the SDK Manager, do you mean to say that there is a tool within the SDK manager to flash the SD card while it’s installed in the Jetson Orin Nano? I’m assuming this could be done while the USB-C connection and power are turned on. Or maybe there’s a built-in utility within the SDK Manager that allows a re-flash of the SD card while it’s plugged directly into the host pc. Could you provide some clarification?

To fix issue I install Ubuntu on one of my laptop.
Then install SDK Manager on that laptop.
Using SDK Manager I’m able to install OS on Orin.
Still have no idea why SD Image for Orin does not work as it should.

If using JetPack 6.x SD Card image for the first time, you will need to update the QSPI bootloaders by installing JetPack 6 on your SD Card using SDK Manager, which will update the QSPI bootloaders as well. Please note that this is a one time requirement only. Once the QSPI bootloaders are updated, you can use JetPack 6.x SD card images for any future releases.

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