Boot time Jetson TX2 vs Jetson TX2i

The boot time of the jetson TX2 is approximately 2 seconds but whereas it is an industrial model, the boot time of the Jetson TX2i is 20 seconds. How can it possible? What is the reason behind these disadvantages?

Hi alperkzlkm,

I am not sure about your question. Do you mean your TX2 can boot up in 2 second but your TX2i have to boot in 20 seconds?


Hi alperkzlkm,

It is not normal the TX2 can boot up in 2 second… Could you share the boot log with us?

TX2 can boot up in 2 seconds BUT TX2i cannot.
TX2i is more sophisticated than ordinary TX2, therefore, TX2i should boot up faster than ordinary TX2. BUT it boots up in approximately 20 seconds.

Having ECC style RAM would make RAM setup take longer (and to some negligible degree this would increase latency as well).

If you have a serial console set up, then the console can log boot with timestamps. Without that nobody will be able to see where the delay is. If you hover your mouse over the quote icon in the upper right of one of your existing posts, then other icons will show up…the paper clip icon would allow attaching serial console boot logs.

I am wondering how come tx2 can boot up in 2 second. Is this a case that you already optimized the boot time? The ECC issue mentioned by linuxdev may also be the reason as L4T documentation points out.

Could you try to disable ECC and see how much time your TX2i can improve?


To disable ECC
1. Modify the following DTB:
To disable ECC, change the setting to:

2. Additionally, modify the following configuration file specification:
To omit ECC enabling, change the setting to: