Questions about TX2I startup time

After power supply to the board, it needs to wait for about 10 seconds to see UART1 (J21 PIN 8,10) output boot information:

[0009.432] I> Welcome to MB2(TBoot-BPMP)(version: 01.00.160913-t186-M-00.00-mobile-c4328dc3)
[0009.440] I> Default Heap @ [0xd486400 - 0xd488400]
[0009.445] I> DMA Heap @ [0x85200000 - 0x86200000]
[0009.450] I> bit @ 0xd480000
[0009.453] I> BR-BCT relocated to 0xd7020000
[0009.457] I> Boot-device: eMMC

The carrier board is P2597_B04

Is this normal?


This is same on my tx2i. Does it affect your usecase?

It just feels different from TX2. Can you tell me why it starts so slowly?

Can you answer me another question: