Bootloader infomation missing

When we used Jetson Orin NX EVB board with Jetson NX 8G SOM
After enter bootloader , we cannot see the memory size and CPU model show on screen.
Could you share some information about how we check the problem?


Do you mean you are using Orin NX8GB on Orin Nano devkit board?

It seems you are using JP5.1.1 (R35.3.1), could you verify with the latest JP5.1.2(R35.4.1)?

HI Kevin
Thanks for your update.
The OS 35.4.1 flash can fix the the memory size equal 0M issue
But still cannot get CPU model.
Could you share if any suggestion for following action?
Thanks a lot

Could you also share the reason why the 35.3.1 OS cannot booting from bootloader 35.4.1?

Let me check with internal and will update to you once there’s any result.

There should be many changes/features in different release.
Please just use the matched UEFI release/branch for OS.

Hi Kevin
About UEFI did not show CPu model
Do you have any update?

I’ve check with internal. They doesn’t have functionality so that we would try to add them in later release but would not be the urgent case. Would you need that info for any use case?

Hi @KevinFFF
Could you confirm if any plan for the function support?


Do you need this information for any use case?

Hi @KevinFFF
The information include on our product spec for design.
So please help to check if under plan to update.

I’ve checked this with internal.
Sorry that there’s no plan for this currently because it is cosmetic issue. It’s not in high priority and will come in due time.

hi @KevinFFF
Do we have any update on this case?

Sorry that as I mentioned before, we don’t have the plan for this fix currently due to not relating to functionality.
If you need this information for specific case, I could check if there’s other method to get this.

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