Bug in Saving as Flattened?

I have imported a usd file with OnShape and then in order to remove all the external references I saved the file ‘as flattened’ but the resulting file still has external references and produced these Flattened_prototype XForms in the stage tree

I’ve followed this tutorials Weekly livestream, onshape importer tutorial part1, onshape importer tutorial part2 to correctly import my model.
The usd it self works cause I tested it with articulation inspector and gain tuner extensions but I cannot use it externally because I cant get rid of the external references, really don’t know what I’m doing wrong.
I need to use the Hand-E gripper form Robotiq which is not included in the nucleus, if the solution is faster I would appreciate also if someone could hand me a hand-e usd that works.

the usd i created is this
Hand-E.zip (2.8 KB)

Thank you very much for your help and sorry if it’s a noobie question

The flattened_prototype are internal references, actually - The save flattened maintains the Instanceable relationship by creating a local prim and adding a reference to that - you can try setting everything to not instanceable before saving flattened - it may still generate some flattened_prototype prims because of the materials, but it should be less effort to clean it up.

Can you check the prims that have a reference and check if their references have a file path set up to them, or only a prim path?

With that in mind - there is an ongoing effort to standardize “sim-ready” assets, and breaking up the asset in multiple usd files, each containing a definition for its own component is a recommended course of action since it provides a segregation of data type that helps scaling the simulation and environments moving forward, so I’d advise against saving flattened - Unless there’s a specific reason for that, and if there is, I’d like to know what it is so we can understand and document it, or preferably resolve it.

You are right, the prims that have reference are only referenced to the Flattened prototypes.
In future I’ll try to create single usds for every part, thanks.

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