Trouble importing onshape assembly that has subassemblies

I am trying to import an onshape assembly that has multiple sub-assemblies inside it. It imports the parts but not the assembly and just gets stuck like this

and it doesn’t give any errors or warnings

The importing works if I suppress the sub-assemblies.

Hi @isoahojesse - When importing an Onshape assembly into Isaac Sim, it’s important to note that the Onshape Importer uses the assembly mates to set up joints in the assembly. For convenience, every mate scans up the assembly tree and stops at the top-most assembly that does not contain some joint mate, and uses it as a reference instead of the mated part.

Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and solve this issue:

  1. Check the Mates in Onshape: Ensure that the mates in your Onshape assembly are set up correctly. The Onshape Importer supports the following mates: Fastened, Revolute, Slider, Cylindrical, Planar, Ball, and Gear. If your assembly uses other types of mates, they may not be imported correctly.

  2. Check the Import Settings: In the Onshape Importer preferences, make sure that the “Rig Physics When Importing” option is enabled. This option tells the importer to create physics joints based on the mates in the Onshape assembly.

  3. Update the Onshape Document: If the assembly or sub-assemblies are not being imported correctly, you may need to update the Onshape document to ensure it’s compatible with the Onshape Importer. This could involve changing the types of mates used or the structure of the assembly.

Hey thank you for the reply

I only use fastened mates and have crated an configuration for the assebly where all the mates are suppressed.
I have enables this setting in the preferences
I have updated all the parts and assemblies
even with these things done the import doesn’t work
here is also a log file on trying to import it if this has any help
kit_20230727_064451.log (1.5 MB)