Onshape import does not work Omniverse Technical Issue/bug

Hi, I have modelled my joint Onshape and succeed to finalize my model, but when I do use import from Omniverse, I do not get nothing from Onshape

Here is the results

What is wrong with Omniverse ?

I have succeed to import earlier some part from this model when I was testing the import tool

i am not familiar with Onshape, but looks like there were a few reports from users not able to import the full assembly even though it works on parts just fine (what you are experiencing, presumably). take a look at a few of the responses in the past while you wait for the dev to offer proper assistance:

  1. Trouble importing onshape assembly that has subassemblies
  2. Can’t see my assembly from Onshape
  3. and just in case, here is the doc for Onshape Importer extension

Also, you could also upload the log for the dev to assess in more detail when they make their way to this post.

It is a bug. Onshape or Omniverse causes that. Omniverse cannot import when the Onshape model contains closed-loop kinematic chain

Hello, @petri.seppanen. The Onshape importer should import kinematic loops with no issues.

However, to properly simulate them, you’ll need to select the joint that closes the loop and select “Remove from Articulation”. The articulation API in physics do not support kinematic loops indeed, and it will issue a warning, and pick a “random” joint that will break the loop to disconnect. By selecting it yourself you have the control to tell the simulation what is the robot critical path. When doing so, we also recommend transferring any resistance and joint limits out of the joint that is excluded from the articulation into the remaining joints, and use it as a mostly cosmetic feature, so the simulation meets the behaviors you expect. You can take a look at how the suspension mechanism in O3dyn was modeled for a reference. That model was imported from Onshape, btw :)

Regarding the errors you display - it seems the first ones are not related to the Onshape importer, and the latter are related to how we scale the thumbnail images when displaying the documents. None of which should stop you from importing your asset.

It would be great if you could provide more details as in how exactly the import is failing. a video of where it hangs would be most useful.

@Simplychenable Thanks for your very detailed response. The issue with sub-assemblies was an Onshape API limitation that didn’t allow sub-assemblies that were sourced from external documents to be accessed correctly. They have since updated their API to allow this content to be accessed, and in the next Isaac sim release that should be solved.

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