Anyway to apply a transform to a reference?

I’m encountering an issue where I’m trying to export a reference with specific scaling as a re-usable USD. However, during the export process, the transformation gets reset, causing deformation to the object. Is there a solution to maintain the applied transformation and prevent the scaling reset, ensuring the exported object remains intact ? (Like the function “apply” in blender Apply — Blender Manual)

@chupchup2.032 i am just another user, but i would like to inquire a few things:

  1. which app are you exporting the USD out of? is it Blender or OV apps?
  2. when you said transforms are getting reset, are you specifically referring to one attribute or all attributes (translation, rotation, scale)?
  3. which version of isaac sim are you using?
  1. I would like to make asset for Isaac Sim itself, setup mesh, scripts, Og and re-use it
  2. Every transforms, the translation ans rotation are reset to the world origin, and the scale to 100%
  3. isaac_sim-2023.1.1

Hi @chupchup2.032 - Isaac Sim units are in meters. You can follow this document if you want learn how to make assets using GUI in Isaac Sim.

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