Isaac SIM Scaling problem

Hello everyone.

I’m having a problem when scaling objects in Isaac sim.
Previously, when I reduced an object by 1/100 and saved it as a USD, I could use this file in this way. However, I can no longer do this. Would you help me with this topic?

I can elaborate a little more.
You pick up an object and it is 100 times larger than its normal size. You took this object and resized it to 0.01 in x y z dimensions. and saved it in USD format using the save selected option on the stage tab. However, when you use the object again, you see it 100 times larger.


@mertaydogan06 i am just another user, can you verify the Isaac Sim version you are seeing this behavior in?


I’m having problems with all three versions

This might be better answered in the isaacsim forum, since it doesn’t seem to be directly related to synthetic data or replicator. That said, with replicator the scene’s default scale setting can be controlled with this setting:


I believe isaacsim’s default is 1.0, where Code is 0.01.