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I am using Isaac Sim 2022.1.1, I would like to add Franka to the scene but its size is too small. How do I can change the size of Franka?

from omni.isaac.franka import Franka

position=np.array([0, 0, 0]),


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If we change the “stage_units_in_meters” value, we will see the robot and all other assets based on that value.

from omni.isaac.core import World
world = World(stage_units_in_meters=1.0) # stage_units_in_meters=0.1

I would like to know how to keep the scale of the other assets, and just change the scale of the robot.

All of the assets and robots in isaac sim are provided in meters. We provide a tool to help convert assets between different units: USD Unit Converter Utility — Omniverse Robotics documentation

  • Recommended: scale the other assets to meters, save them and add them to your scene.
  • Or scale the robot to cm, save that and add it to your scene

In general if the other assets are static geometry, scaling that will be easier, but both ways are possible.

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Thank you @Hammad_M for your answer. I tried to run the tutorial example but I found that it does not work properly. Does this problem related to Scale? Or what is the problem ?
I uploaded the video > here

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