Pick and Place Omnigraph Issue

Hi, I am following this documentation Here. As instructed in the tutorial, I placed a Franka robot in the scene along with 2 cubes and then setup the necessary omnigraph. But when I press play, the bot kind of falls to the ground and try to follow the general direction of the cubes, even though its end-effector remains on the ground. Then when I stop the simulation and press play again, the bot shrinks in size like it becomes 0.01(not sure about the exact number) times the original scale but the pick and place works fine.

Although the size of the bot is very small as shown above, pick and place only works if the cubes are placed according to the original bigger size of the bot. Also the gripper opens very little.
I have followed the tutorial multiple times, tried with and without ground plane, but the issue persists, What am I doing wrong and how can I solve this?