Build own Omniverse Connector on iOS / macOS

I would like to implement a new Omniverse Connector on iOS and macOS platforms. Are there any plans to make the necessary libraries (NVIDIA Omniverse Client Library) available on those platforms too? If I am not mistaken, currently, the library is limited to Windows / Linux development.
Thank you!

Hello @geri! Thank you for your interest! We do have plans to develop for the iOS / macOS platform. Right now, the demand for Windows / Linux development makes it higher priority. I have added your request to the internal development ticket for the iOS / macOS platform development (for your reference OM-31163).

Troubleshooting Issues

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  • Log File C:\Users\ [YOUR NAME] \ .nvidia-omniverse\logs


![|16x16](upload://s2CSQlEBVHqwWzvAtuIaOpA1EIp.jpeg) ![|16x16](upload://9uZ4EUbZ6CoMbHwsqtEFbEzlVIV.png) ![|16x16](upload://AdrmdTmd9cRYxIgpbP4sJ5Hv8Ba.png) ![|16x16](upload://hX0h9jrO6nTqZqTo35SJoB9nGfD.png) ![|16x16](upload://gkna2PfHWlJMhqsCAFaXbm6TwFc.png) ![|16x16](upload://8awgHCSYVSm9A96ysNNJbDItGWO.png)

This is great news. Thank you for your answer!