Building krping with MLNX OFED drivers failing (unknown symbols)

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root@xhddcgapps04: ofed_info -s


root@xhddcgapps04: lsb_release -a

No LSB modules are available.

Distributor ID: Ubuntu

Description: Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS

Release: 16.04

Codename: xenial

Im trying to build krping (an open source kernel module with ib verbs) with MLNX OFED drivers. It’s getting compiled without any issues, but while inserting the module, im facgin the following issues.

root@xhddcgapps04: insmod krdma_app.ko server_ip=

insmod: ERROR: could not insert module krdma_app.ko: Unknown symbol in module

root@xhddcgapps04: dmesg | tail -n 7

[150111.467109] krdma_app: Unknown symbol ib_create_cq (err 0)

[150111.467257] krdma_app: Unknown symbol ib_destroy_cq (err 0)

[150111.467325] krdma_app: Unknown symbol rdma_create_id (err 0)

[150111.467402] krdma_app: Unknown symbol ib_alloc_mr (err 0)

[150111.467480] krdma_app: Unknown symbol rdma_accept (err 0)

[150111.467540] krdma_app: Unknown symbol ib_destroy_qp (err 0)

[150111.467606] krdma_app: Unknown symbol ib_dealloc_pd (err 0)

I referred to a similar issue as the link “” and not sure where to find the “prefix/src/openib/Module.symvers” mentioned in the link.

I’ve ofa-kernel/ ofa-kernel-4.7/ mlnx-ofed-kernel-4.7/ in my /usr/src that i think are related to mlnx ofed drivers

i got stuck here for very long time & need help. Any small help is appreciated

Hi, i’m not seeing any compilation or run time issues with inbox OFED as pointed in that link, apparently the kernel that I’ve has support for all the APIs. With MLNX OFED also, the compilation was successful, i faced those issues while inserting the module, its more related to linking with proper symbol references. BTW i’m using ubuntu and the article you are referring to has RHEL.

I agree that MLNX is not the maintainer. I don’t have any issues with inbox OFED, but with Mellanox OFED it’s failing as i described and i don’t think there is a straight forward way of doing it with Mellanox OFED. Is there a document or an article explaining compilation of an external kernel modules with MLNX ofed? I couldn’t find any

Hello Anji,

Thank you for posting your issue on the Mellanox Community.

Unfortunately ‘krping’ is not part of the Mellanox OFED driver stack and Mellanox is not the maintainer of this utility.

For support, please reach out to the maintainer of the utility through the following link →

Based on a mailingslist entry from the maintainer, the code is only maintained in the upstream kernels > 4.8. See the following link →

You could try a more recent kernel version or upgrade Ubuntu to a more recent version.

Thank you,

~Mellanox Technical Support