Bulldozer issue?


I am trying to test out the performance of the new bulldozer chips combined with PGF Visual Fortran. When I compile AERMOD using -tp k8-64, the program compiles just fine and runs.

When I use -tp bulldozer-64, the program compiles, but upon execution I get the error: “An unhandled win32 exception occurred”

This is on a WinXP 64 SP2 system, with Microsoft Visual Studio 8.

Any ideas what may be happening?


Hi cyclops,

Bulldozer uses the new AVX and FMA instruction set which enabled using the “-tp bulldozer-64” flag. In order to use these new instructions on Windows, you need Win7 SP1 or Win Server 2008R2l. So unfortunately, you will need to continue to target an older processor, such as -tp istanbul-64, in order to run on WinXP.

  • Mat

Hi Mat,

thanks for your quick reply. Are there any limitations on using the -tp bulldozer-64 option on linux systems? We are running Ubuntu 10.04…

Thanks much!


Hi Ted,

The same issue does occur on Linux. However Linux adopted AVX support a while ago (> 2years) so I believe Ubuntu 10.04 is fine.

  • Mat