Can I develop my own OS for Jetson nano?

Can I develop my own OS for Jetson nano?
I’m Japanese and use Google Translate.
English seems to be lacking.
Thank you

Ubuntu (Linux for Tegra) already has Japanese support. You should be able to switch the locale using these instructions:

From Canonical:

You can use your own rootfs as well if there is a Japanese distro you like.

Thanks for the reply, mdegans.
So is it possible to run all of Jetson nano on an existing Ubuntu-based OS?

Jetson nano (Linux for Tegra) is Ubuntu-based (it even uses the same repos), so most instructions for Ubuntu will work for Nano.

How do I optimize my existing ARM Ubuntu based OS for Jetson nano?
Please let me know if you have any steps.
I’m sorry many times.

No need for apologies. Here is the documentation you will need:

Please look under “Setting up your filesystem” for instructions on how to use a custom rootfs.

I’ll try them.
Thank you

You’re welcome!