Can I use shortcut key for "Capture for Live Analysis" when game is the current window?

Seems I can only use Ctrl+M, Ctrl+C when Nsight Graphics is the current window.

When game is not the current window, rendering could be slower? I am not using Remote Launching.


Thank you for using Nsight Graphics. Have you tried Z to bring up the HUD and then click on spacebar to capture when the application is the current window? You can refer to the User Guide here for more details on using the HUD

There is a section in this part of the User Guide which says the following:

When you start debugging your graphics application with Nsight Graphics, the target computer will begin running the application. You will notice a HUD toolbar overlaid on top of your application. At this point, your application is considered to be in run mode.

There are two different methods to pause the application, which causes it to enter Frame Debugger mode.

  • Press CTRL+Z and the spacebar on the target machine; or*
  • Go to the main toolbar and select Pause and Capture Frame.*