Windows freeze

Hi there,

i am using VS2015 Community, NSight 5.0, driver version 359.06, Win10 64b, GTX680 and have two major issues with NSight.

  1. The graphical debugger starts on 1 out of 50 attempts on unchanged build. The graphs won’t come up, i am still able to press ctrl-z with some reaction (my cursor stops being animated but other stuff is still rendered) and can switch back by pressing ctrl-z again. However when i try to pause+debug using spacebar, i can’t switch back using ctrl-z and have to shut down my app. Any clues on why the debugger sometimes works but most of the times it doesn’t?

  2. At last when the HUD starts it’s running some time from 5 - 30 secs and then Windows completely freezes. And this happens even without attempting to enter the debug mode. No information in syslog however. Any suggestions?

I don’t blame my app yet, because it’s working perfectly without being attached to NSight.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Hi dynko,

Hard to say why, any chance we can get your run-able app and do some local investigation? That will be very helpful.


Hi An,

could it be that the issue is source-code related?

I’ve managed to compile and run Doom3 and the Nsight HUD is working perfectly in this game (windows freezes are still an issue though), but in my app nsight shows the HUD very rarely still.

Maybe Z-order of the HUD? I’ve tried different depth for my graphics too to no avail.

Is there any guidelines on how to make an app “nsight compatible”?

there’s no helping me, the problem lies somewhere outside of VS. tried debugging D3D11 app and it behaved the same. consider this topic closed :(