can mobile phone cameras work with the TX1?

While I can’t find any 8MP or better cameras in the usual form factor, there seem to be a tremendous selection of cameras on (and ebay) that are sold as spare parts for mobile phones. They almost certainly come with bizarre connectors to fit the particular phone they are designed for, but fundamentally they are all CSI-2 cameras, right? Has anyone adapted, so to speak, any of them for the TX1?



Keep in mind that USB cameras work in all the ways you’d need them to.

A USB camera does not work in all the ways I would need it to.

It’s possible if the image sensors have Linux driver or full data sheet is available. You’ll need to know the pin definitions of the mobile phone camera module to make adapter to TX1. You will need to write driver if driver is not available.

I don’t believe Nvidia has released full source code for TX1 on board CSI camera yet, that would be helpful to write drivers for other CSI cameras.

CSI cameras will come to market as the 13MP camera for TK1, There are high demands for them. I’m surprised someone has not advertised hi-res CSI cameras for TX1 already.

There are two ways to capture on the system with L4T R23.2. One is to use v4l2 but this would give you a bayer color space that is not suitable for the encoders and the other is using the gstreamer element called nvcamerasrc which seems to have access to the ISP and provide YUV.

I have read in the forum that if you want to capture using nvcamerasrc with other camera sensors you have to name the driver as the default ov5693, there is one library that has the name hardcoded, you can read more about it here:

I haven’t tried with a camera sensor giving YUV and then trying to capture with v4l2 but I suppose that the kernel driver might need some changes to support that. At this point I haven’t read about someone else with other camera sensor working as expected with the current sw.