Can the power button supervisor firmware be rewritten?

Is it possible to write my own firmware to the U79(EFM8SB10F8G) of the development kit carrier board P2822?

I think writing is possible by using TP34, TP35 and TP38.

Are these terminals that are used only in the process of producing carrier boards?
Or is it available for rewriting by development kit users?

hello aihara.kunihiro,

you might access Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit Carrier Board BOM (Bill of Materials) from download center.
please also check the documentation, Jetson AGX Xavier OEM Product Design Guide.
please also access Jetson AGX Xavier Pinmux for the board customization.

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Thank you for your response.

I agree that the materials presented in your response are useful for career board developers.

But I am not designing or developing a completely new carrier board. I just want to use the development kit carrier board.

I want to rewrite U79 (EFM8SB10F8G) of carrier board P2822_B02 / B03 provided by NVIDIA.

I understand that the MCU EFM8SB10F8G can be upgraded by using the DEBUGA DPTR1-USB provided by Silicon Lab. Via the C2 interface.

I expect the Jetson AGX Xavier Development Kit Carrier Board TP34, TP35, TP38 to be able to connect the above adapter as a C2 interface.

What I want to know is whether or not development kit users are allowed to rewrite the firmware in this way.

hello aihara.kunihiro,

please also check [4.4 Power-On] in the documentation for more details, Jetson AGX Xavier OEM Product Design Guide.

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hello JerryChang,

I succeeded in rewriting the firmware of U79 (EFM8SB10F8G) of carrier board P2822_B02 by using DEBUGA DPTR1-USB 1 provided by Silicon Lab.
I connected the carrier boards TP33, TP34, TP38 and the 10-pin connector of the adapter as follows.

TP33 --- #4 (TCK / C2D)
TP34 --- #7 (TDI / C2CK)
TP38 --- #9 (GND)

Thank you and best regards,