Jetson Xavier NX Carrier Board MCU firmeware

Hi, Is the source to the MCU firmware on the Xavier NX carrier available somewhere?

I’m seeing from P3509_A01_OrCAD_schematic.pdf the MCU U18 model is EFM8S810F2G QFN20. There is also a state diagram about how the MCU should work. I’m wondering if we use this exact part in a custom design, whether we’ll need to implement the same logic or we can just load the available firmware.


The firmware is in DLC:

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Thanks for the download link. Will give it a try. I saw on another question the customer could not program it.

I am also planning to use this IC in my design. Please share your experience regarding the programming issue. Had you programmed the firmware successfully?
If yes, then please share the steps.
If not, then what had you done ?