Cannot debug with standalone python script with vscode

Following the instruction here 3.3. Debugging With Visual Studio Code — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation (, we are trying to debug in OIGE with vscode in python file directly.

However, several packages cannot be identified such as hydra, omegaconf, omni.isaac, and ominiisaacgymvenv, rl_games. We are struggling on this for some days.

Have you installed the packages into the python environment used in IsaacSim? I dont work with IsaacSim but that was a sticking point for me utilising 3rd party libraries in my extension development. Well that and adding them to my extension’s Toml file. You may also want to verify that the python environment you are using to debug includes those as well (and hopefully it should be the same one used by IsaacSim