Can't access jetbot


In order to configue and program Jetbot, we’re following the steps in this web: Software Setup · NVIDIA-AI-IOT/jetbot Wiki · GitHub

But when we try to get the IP address from piOLED display screen, it doesn’t show anything.

We have been triyng to get the IP using ifconfig command from JestsonNano Terminal, but with no success.

May you help us?

Thank you

For JetBot, please report a bug by creating an issue

OLED display depends on the BSP.
If you use NVIDIA’s jetbot, you may use the link you posted.
If you have some other vendor’s Jetbot, like waveshare, you should use the vendor specific OS image.

Thank you so much for your answer, we have JetBot from Waveshare and, with the Ubuntu’s version provided in the waveshare webside (JetBot 2GB AI Kit - Waveshare Wiki), we are not able to connect to the wifi (we are using a USB wireless from the JetBot AI kit from Waveshare).
Before this change, I could connect without problemto the wifi with other Ubuntu images, but with this OS version, we are not able to connect to wifi.
If you can give me any clue to resolve the issue, it would be fantastic!
Thanks in advanced!

Yes, similar problems with my robot.

Any ideas please?

Thank you!