Can't export usd

I try to write a file to my connected omniverse server, but it fails. The error message in the console is:

2022-09-01 12:23:13 [Warning] [omni.client.plugin] Tick: provider_nucleus: Null result for omni1Create / omni1Update( LFT_FAILURE

2022-09-01 12:23:13 [Error] [omni.usd] Failed to save layer D:\220602_DigitaleFiliale\usd\test\testFiliale.usd to new path omniverse://

2022-09-01 12:23:13 [Info] [omni.usd] USD saving failed

Writing to the localhost works. Any ideas how to solve this?

I had an issue where i dockerized the nucleus workstation and the LFT upload worked; however, the download did not. I had to expose port 3030, the LFT port.

This was a very specific problem though, now i am running into a similar issue with the enterprise version that I am still investigating.