Failed to Copy due to result. ERROR

Create 2022.3.3 - local server with “remote sharing” enabled.

After connecting to my server i can make default mesh objects and move them around and my co worker can see the updates just fine. but if i try and add an FBX file i keep getting Failed to Copy Omniverse://IP/filename.fbx due to Result: Error - Aborting.

in the console it says 2023-04-13 17:47:33 [Error] [omni.kit.asset_converter.impl.task_manager] Couldn’t Import Asset: C:\FILENAME.fbx, code: OmniConverterStatus.FILE_WRITE_ERROR, error: Failed to write layer: omniverse://IP/FILENAME.usd

Thanks for the post. Yes, this error makes sense. Any asset you are trying to import, including that FBX file needs to first be copied in your LOCALHOST Nucleus server. The other person cannot access a file stored on your local drive, outside of Nucleus. The asset needs to be common to all live participants through Nucleus. So copy the asset to a subfolder of your USD file, in “Projects” in Localhost Nucleus, and then import it. It will reference the fbx to your Nucleus server, and not your local C drive.