Error with the Nucleus server installation

Hi, I am installing Omniverse, now i am facing some issues while installing the Nucleus server, althought i could install rest of the apps and 3ds max extension without any error. but as soon as i try setting up the nucleus server it gives me this error

please help me to resolve this issue…


Hi @KarveM and welcome to Omniverse! My colleague helped someone with a similar issue here and suggested:

Are you running with admin privileges on your system?

Also can you:
1 uninstall the Launcher via the windows settings/control panel.
2 Make sure all Launcher processes are stopped
3 execute launcher install again and try to install Nucleus.


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Thanks for reply. I will check with the IT team.
Mean while when I was working in max and trying to export sample scene to USD i got another message.
Warning msg
I know its dump file but if i click on ok and continue nothing happens, max simply stop responding.
Although I will also check this part with IT, I need some pre suggestion.

Hi KarveM,

Sorry to hear about your issues. I’ll pass this on to the devs. It would be helpful to have a little more info. If you can, please attach the log that you find here C:\Users\ [YOUR NAME] \ .nvidia-omniverse\logs
It would be even better if they can take a look at your scene. Is there any chance that you can upload it? Thanks!


Sorry for late reply. Since I was stuck up with some other project I couldn’t respond to your response. Unfortunately I can not share the max file due to internal policies but can share the log file…
Also as suggested we tried installing server using Admin rights… but still we got the error message.
Attached are the log files and error message for reference. (184.0 KB)
Please suggest…

Thanks KarveM, I sent your logs off to the nucleus team. For the 3dsMax issue, can you provide logs and/or describe what was in the scene that you were trying to export? The Max logs will be right next to the .dmp file