Cant save

I can open a USDZ file, but cannot save it. Can’t save it if I do nothing to it, can’t save it if I add lights or something. Saving seems like an important issue.

Error message: Failed to save layers. Please check console for error.
Console says: “due to permission issue”
But I never changed any permissions.

Hello @johnathonvought. Welcome to the Community! I alerted the developers of this issue. We should hear back soon. Thanks for reaching out to us!

Hey I forgot to mention that I’m using latest version of Substance Painter to make the USDZ

Thanks @johnathonvought. I let the team know. Appreciate you taking time to inform us of this problem.

Still cannot save USDZ files. It saves a USD or USDC, but not usdz

hello @jonathonvaughan -
You are correct that Create can only read .usdz files. The design team is evaluating how to provide live-sync and other Omniverse collaboration aspects to this format before fully supporting read/write. There are some architecture points that need to be addressed. I cannot comment on if/when this can be provided. But stay tuned.

Thanks for letting me know.

.usdz files are just zip archives in disguise. If you change the file extension to .zip you should be able to open it and see the .usd files inside.

You can then extract the .usd files, save them where you’d like and from then on you should be able to read/write them normally.