Saving without write permission

While a user is editing a USD in Maya, an admin changes the users access to the file. After this the user tries to save the USD. The only feedback the user gets to this is:
"Omniverse Server: Request 96: createCheckpoint(omniverse://server/file.usd) returned Error ()"
In the console. We think it would be good to some how notify the user when access rights have changed in some way. especially while live but also while saving. Is this something you have thought about?

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Hello @jonatan.bergstrom! I have alerted the development team. Thanks for reaching out!

Good point @jonatan.bergstrom - will look into this.

Looks like in a future update there is a generic warning prompt image

…and then in the console the message is more specific: 2021-10-05 20:24:44 [Error] [omni.usd] ERROR! Failed to save layer omniverse://ov-rc/Projects/Project_X/foo.usd due to permission issue.