Can't SSH in to my Nano

Hello everybody, I’ve been using my Jetson Nano for a while thorugh ssh from my Win10 computer but in these days I’m not able to connect my device through ssh unless I’m trying to connect from Jetson’s own terminal to my Windows PC -that’s works fine - than interestingly when I’m disconnecting and then retry to connect from Windows machine my connection works like nothing happend few minutes ago.

By default there should be no problem using ssh in to the Nano from the outside world. The odds are very high that this is related to the Windows setup, e.g., default routes or something related to this.

Do you have a Linux computer you can use, even if just temporarily? Or even another Jetson (which is Linux)? If you can ssh in to the Jetson from the other computer, then you’ll know for sure it is a case of Windows setup.

A bit of a wildcard in all of this is that a high end network switch, or any router, might have security rules as well. Hopefully you are connecting the wired ethernet directly from Windows and Nano to the same switch.

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Sir I could ssh to my Windows PC form another Linux computer, I think problem was Jetson related because I could solve my problem by

sudo apt install ufw
sudo ufw allow ssh
sudo ufw allow 22
sudo ufw enable
sudo ufw status

If that does the job, then it was indeed firewall software previously blocking this. Normally though the Jetson won’t block this, so perhaps there was something which changed the default setting.

In reality it would be a good idea to default block ssh (for security reasons), but during a flash and install process this would make life much harder and much more complicated for both the people writing the install software and the people using the install software, so for practical reasons I believe firewall was never enabled against ssh in the default case.

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