Carrier board can't detect HDMI display resolution and adaptive correctly.

My TX2 carrier board connect 1080p display, it will not detect the right resolution only show 640x480 resolution, and the console show “tegra-i2c 3190000.i2c: rx dma timeout” error message for over 5mins, then the display will black and sho 1280x720 resolution and stop show i2c error message via console.

But TX2 devkit can show 1080p correctly, while I do following step to force TX2 devkit edid to my carrier board, it can show 1080p screen correctly and the error message is not show.

If I connect to 4K display, my carrier board doesn’t work, while TX2 devkit can show 4K correctly. If I force 4K edid of TX2 devkit to my carrier board, it works ok, but if I connect to 1080p display, it doesn’t work. It seems my carrier board can’t detect display resolution information, so can’t show screen correctly.

Attached is boot file, Xorg.0.log, xorg.conf and HDMI schmatics.
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Prepare a known 256byte EDID.
set use_fallback = true; in tegra_edid_get_monspecs() under edid.c.
fill in the known EDID to default_720p_edid[256].

xorg.conf.txt (796 Bytes)
boot_log.txt (73.2 KB)
Xorg.0.log (122 KB)

Please compare your design to reference schematic to confirm no violations, BTW, why you connect HDMI_CEC to 5V pull-up which should be 3V per OEM DG?

Hi WayneWWW:

We have resolved HDMI problems, it’s our design problem, after modify the circuit design, HDMI can suit for 1080p and 4K display. Thanks a lot.

May I ask what is the problem with your circuit? I seem to have the same situation。