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DRIVE AGX Orin Developer Kit (940-63710-0010-300)

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native Ubuntu Linux 20.04 Host installed with DRIVE OS Docker Containers

Hi Is there any documentation regarding pre-built nodes available?
apart from hpp file? any plans of releasing in future?
as of now only few of the nodes usecase is described.

best regards,
Sushant bahadure

Dear @sushant.bahadure,
The available nodes information is at Compute Graph Framework SDK Reference: DW Core Nodes
If you are asking about cpp file which has node implementation, it is not publicly available and no plan to share in future release

  1. There is no documentation about how to use the prebuilt nodes.
  2. Some of nodes cannot be used without being notified unless you ask in the forum, for example, dwTraceNode

Continuing the discussion from [BUG] dwTrace in driveworks cannot enable due to missing header files:

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Hi @SivaRamaKrishnaNV,

I understand that cpp’s are note released in public domain, I don’t need cpp files.
What I am asking for is as example (link)

see bellow screenshot,

one class dw::framework::dwGlobalEgomotionNode
has some lines describing its intended use. Is it possible to have such minimal description description for each of the nodes in DW core nodes??

If this is not available, How one can use them? Any guidelines if you can suggest.

Best regards,
Sushant Bahadure

  1. There is no runnable cgf-app about how to use the prebuilt nodes.
  2. There are two examples of cgf-app which are nv_driveworks/driveworks-5.14/bin/ at main · ZhenshengLee/nv_driveworks ( and nv_driveworks/driveworks-5.14/bin/ at main · ZhenshengLee/nv_driveworks (, but both of them will run failed due to lack of hardware, and require big modifications to run correctly.
  3. There is cpp of helloworld nodes of cgf, nv_driveworks/driveworks-5.14/samples/src/cgf_nodes/HelloWorldNode.cpp at main · ZhenshengLee/nv_driveworks ( but cannot be run due to lack of runShell, something like
  4. There is a unoffical provided PPT which is a training material without project source.

a useful material from the past is Creating a custom hello world application and integration - Driveworks CGF (

@lizhensheng @SivaRamaKrishnaNV
Thanks for the links, Certainly they are useful if one wants to start with the samples, I was able to run CFG demo pipeline and mini pipeline.

I was trying to create my own app taking clue from CGF demo pipeline with real GSML camera’s, I wanted to reuse most of the pre-built nodes.
But I feel bit lost with the *.required-sensors.json, rig.json and roadrunner-2.0 sensor mappings, how do they work together is not yet clear to me, How this translates to “camera-name=F008A120RM0AV2, interface=csi-ab, CPHY-mode=1, link=2” required in rig file to read real camera with “dwframework/dwnodes/sensors/dwcameranode/dwCameraNode.node.json”.
aswell as use of prebuilt nodes such as “dw::framework::SensorSyncNode”.
Let me know, if any suggestions.

Best Regards,
Sushant Bahadure


Good to hear that the sample can be run in!
Could you share more info to help me to repeat?

  1. Do you run the CGF demo and mini pipeline in host-docker or directly in drive-orin-devkit?
  2. Is there any extra modification of files to make it run correctly?
  3. While you are running the cgf apps, do you ever encounter the issue mentioned in [BUG] DO6081/CGF 5.14 app cannot exit gracefully: rerun failed, reporting internel errors and require reboot (


  1. CGF demo and mini pipeline I tried directly on Orin dev kit, it dose spawn renderer with prerecorded videos and I can cycle through different screens.
  2. No I did not do any modification, that i remember of.
  3. I had similar problem when i tried to build and run my own simple cgf example, since I ran that example directly calling launcher with different flags, I could not end it with simply pressing Ctr+C, I had to end it with htop. This caused same problem only restart could solve it, I could have same problem also on the dev container.
    With creating simple bash script similar to run_cgf_demo script I could end it gracefully, one have to give some time 5-10 seconds to completely close all apps. Also if you send sigINT to launcher process with htop, it does end gracefully.

Now I tried to create another cgf sample much simpler than cgf demo, only with prebuilt nodes but I am not able to run it, lack of understanding of each of the prebuilt nodes.

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Dear @sushant.bahadure,
Thank you for feedback. This is really helpful. I will check on the node descirptions and update you here. For other issues, we will follow up in the relavant topics.

Thanks for your info! I will have a try on droveos6.0.8.1!

Good to hear that, I will have a try to wait 5-10 seconds to check.

@SivaRamaKrishnaNV Could you handle this issue to avoid rebooting the machine when the issue happens?


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Track the issue in [BUG] DO6081/CGF 5.14 app cannot exit gracefully: rerun failed, reporting internel errors and require reboot (

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