Close-Loop position control using OrbSLAM2 on a Jetson Nano with a Bebop2 Drone

In the Autonomous Drones Lab, at Tel Aviv University, we research, develop and implement solutions for autonomous navigation in GPS denied environments.
In order to validate our solution, we work mainly on prototype drones to achieve a quick integration between the hardware, software and the algorithms.

Please check this repo for running ORBSLAM2 in real-time on the Jetson Nano and for the implementation of close-loop position control using the OrbSLAM2 and a Bebop2 Drone:

The following video demonstrates a part of our work:

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Interesting research!
May I ask you what kind of sensor are you using for position and orientation?
also Is the Jetson nano mounted on the drone or is running outside?

Thank you so much

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