Coffee Break Series: Ray Tracing in Games with NVIDIA RTX

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Ray tracing will soon revolutionize the way video games look. Ray tracing simulates how rays of light hit and bounce off of objects, enabling developers to create stunning imagery that lives up to the word “photorealistic”. Ignacio Llamas and Edward Liu from NVIDIA’s real-time rendering software team will introduce you to real-time ray tracing in…

Glad you liked the content, though I'm not sure what you're seeing in terms of resolution. These were actually posted as 720p.

Will they be able to use this with overdraw or rendering partially transparent objects with increased effeciency? I want to render tons of grass planes with little performacne loss because of overdraw.

I've been a programmer and developer for 35 years .. mostly business software. Ray tracing technology has convinced me to try to jump onboard. Anyone willing to give me an internship? I am fascinated by the potential and I would like to get involved and learn about the tech and perhaps help improve ray tracing toolkits.

Hey guys I tried to download the MDL SDK and got some kind of weird problem, either the mime type is wrong for the download or perhaps the file extension is missing. I would be able to tell you but windows appears to be giving me an automatic (default) extension and due to the name I am paranoid about renaming the extension in an attempt to determine the true/proper extension name .. [exe/zip/tar] .. my downloaded file is named etcmdl-sdk-307800.2890.solitairetheme8