Collision avoidance on jetracer: Automatically power off

Hi everyone,

i want to implement Collision Aviodance from jetbot on jetracer and simply changed the code from jetbot and most codes are identical. First i used 5V 4A DC Barrel jack supply and the program could sucessfully run on jetracer. But when i tried to use 5V 2A Power Bank with Micro USB cable something went wrong:

When i wanted to run this cell in live_demo:
camera.observe(update, names=‘value’) # this attaches the ‘update’ function to the ‘value’ traitlet of our camera

then my jetracer powered off after 1 seconds(LED lights off and disconnected from jupyter lab). But that didn’t happen when i used 5V 4A DC Barrel jack supply. I don’t know this problem came from the power supply but why can this program run on jetbot with 5V 2A power supply?

Ps. before the light from jetson turned off i noticed that, the light became weak and began to blink.

If your camera is usb, it may take more power than the supply can provide. You may try an externally powered hub.
Also note that using all CPU cores and boosting clocks and doing intensive processings will draw more power.
Could you measure the mA drawn in the working case with 4A supply ?

Hi @elmopayne0725,

May I know what are the changes that you made to the Jetbot Collision Avoidance code that allowed it to work with Jetracer? Thank you.