Contact Sensor in Orbit Parallel Environment

I am currently using contact sensor in my RL environment.

The problem is the contact sensor seems to stay in the initial position and does not seem to move together with the gripper fingers, resulting in the API always returning zero values. May I know how should I solve it?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @berternats - The contact sensor in Isaac Sim is simulated by summing all forces applied on a given trigger spherical region intersected with the given body surface via the omni.isaac.sensor extension. If the sensor is not moving with the gripper fingers, it’s likely that the sensor is not properly attached to the gripper in your setup.

Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and solve this issue:

  1. Check the Parent-Child Relationship: Ensure that the contact sensor is a child of the gripper finger in the scene graph. This ensures that the sensor moves together with the gripper finger.

  2. Verify the Sensor Position: Make sure that the sensor is positioned correctly on the gripper finger. If the sensor is not in the correct position, it may not detect any contact.

  3. Update Sensor Position: If the sensor is a child of the gripper finger and is still not moving with it, you may need to programmatically update the sensor’s position based on the gripper finger’s position in each time step of your simulation.

  4. Check the Sensor Settings: Make sure that the settings of the contact sensor are correct. For example, the radius of the spherical region should be set appropriately to detect the contacts.

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