Trouble with Adding Contact Sensors to Robot


I’m to figure out why I cannot get any reading from a contact sensor I have attached to my robot.

When I use the physics debugger, I can see there are contact points and forces, but my sensor has no readings.

Here is the .usd file I’m using:

Arm_with_Two_Fingers_Manual_SDF_Clean_Manual_Just_Robot_Edit_To_Match_Ant_ToF_Contact_Sensor.usda (51.3 KB)

Hi @jess7654 - I have assigned the question to an expert. Meanwhile, I can provide some general advice on how to troubleshoot this issue.

  1. Check the sensor configuration: Make sure the contact sensor is correctly configured in your .usd file. It should be attached to the correct link and its parameters should be set correctly.
  2. Check the sensor readings: Make sure you are correctly reading the sensor data in your code. You should be able to access the sensor data through the appropriate API calls.
  3. Check the physics engine settings: Some physics engines may require specific settings to enable contact sensor readings. Make sure these settings are correctly configured.
  4. Check the contact points: If the contact points are not exactly where the sensor is, the sensor may not be able to detect them. Make sure the sensor is correctly positioned and oriented to detect the contacts.
  5. Check the sensor’s sensitivity: If the sensor’s sensitivity is set too low, it may not be able to detect the contacts. Try increasing the sensor’s sensitivity to see if it helps.
  6. Check for any errors or warnings: Sometimes, the physics engine or the sensor may output errors or warnings that can help you diagnose the issue. Check the console output or log files for any such messages.

Hi! can you try setting the sphere to -1 to see if it’s a clipping issue? This will disable the collision filter and any contact should register on the sensor.


In my tests (and the code I used attached above) the radius is already set to -1 and there is no contact registered.

Is there anything else I should check?


Here is the script I’m using to load to robot into Isaac Sim using the Orbit library along with the robot description config files, etc. (6.6 KB) (2.4 KB) (3.6 KB) (13.8 KB)