Contact Sensor Reading Problem: can not get the right data from contact sensor

Hey everyone:

I’m trying to acquire the contact sensor data from Isaac sim.
First I add the sensor in isaac sim gui as the following:

Then I write the code in my
The followings are my code:

from omni.isaac.sensor import _sensor
self._cs = _sensor.acquire_contact_sensor_interface()
sensor_data = self._cs.get_sensor_readings("/World/final6_only_hand/__6_2/__6_2/Contact_Sensor")

and the output is:
and I also tried the function: get_contact_sensor_raw_data but not work.
So how can I get the data from the contact sensor?

Thanks in advance!

can anyone help me?

Can you try following steps?

  1. Make sure that contact sensor is set up correctly in the scene. Make sure its position, orientation, and other settings.Contact Sensor — Omniverse Robotics documentation

  2. Ensure sensor path in your code matches the exact hierarchy of the contact sensor in your scene. You can do so by inspecting the scene hierarchy in Isaac Sim.

  3. Update the simulation steps if needed. Sometimes, sensor data may not be available immediately due to simulation steps being too low.

  4. Run the simulation and check the output of sensor_data. If the contact sensor is set up correctly and simulation is running then you should see the sensor readings in the sensor_data variable.

from omni.isaac.sensor import _sensor

# Acquire the contact sensor interface
contact_sensor_interface = _sensor.acquire_contact_sensor_interface()

# Define the sensor path
sensor_path = "/World/final6_only_hand/__6_2/__6_2/Contact_Sensor"

# Run the simulation (make sure to start the simulation before trying to get sensor readings)

# Get sensor readings
sensor_data = contact_sensor_interface.get_sensor_readings(sensor_path)

# Print sensor data
print("Sensor Data:", sensor_data)

Make sure to start the simulation before trying to get sensor readings. Let us know if you still see the issues.

Can you post a screenshot of your stage window filtered by Rigid Body, and filtered by Collision API?
I want to check if the scene setup is correct.